Friday, December 20, 2013

Inhalt des APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Treffens am 28.01.2014

Das dritte Treffen steht ganz im Thema der APEX Themes und UI Feinheiten.
Folgende Vorträge sind geplant:
  • Responsive Web Design mit APEX Theme 25 - Christian Rokitta (Twitter, Blog)
  • APEX-Themes mit eindrucksvollen CSS3-Features aufpeppen - Robert Schäfer (Twitter)
  • APEX Feature Request Board - Oliver Lemm
Im Januar findet am 28.01.2014 das nächste APEX UserGroup- / DOAG Regionaltreffen statt. Wie schon beim letzten Mal findet es von 17-20 Uhr bei der MT-AG, Balcke-Dürr-Allee 9, 40882 Ratingen statt. 
Das Treffen ist kostenfrei und es wird darum gebeten sich auf den Seiten der DOAG für den Termin anzumelden - Anmeldelink. Zusätzlich existiert auch noch eine XING-Gruppe der APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

APEX 5.0 - Update from DOAG 2013

In the past i loved to switch from the components view to the tree view when developing APEX applications.
In ODTUG i got a first impression to the new page designer. Now on the DOAG 2013 conference Patrick Wolf gave an update in some features.
In the Page Designer it's possible to edit multiple items with one action. Simply select 2 or more Items then you can edit some of the attributes which are from same type in all items.
Patrick edited the label alignment from 3 fields in one step.
The whole Page Designer works very fast, when the page is loaded at first. After that the whole changes are made on client-side and will be saved the user clicks on the save button. Every step which is done, can be undone with the new undo feature. To test the page it has to be saved or click an run and it will also be saved automatically.
Another interesting feature is, when adding a region the columns for a sql query based on select * from emp are directly show in the region.
Further on inline code validation will be a part from APEX 5.0.
It's really cool to have completion in the different areas. This completion also supports the apex item namens and the packages and functions in the database. Another completion type which is in a testing phase could be the code template completion.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to duplicate an apex component on one side. So you can create a component and fill with some settings and duplicate that component. All components inside this component will also be copied (Region will also copy the items and buttons inside).
As a hint patrick told me that it could be possible out of the box, that pages will be run in new tabs when editing a page.

Other new features like the handling for static files are changed to support multiple files to upload, versioning in these files and folder structure to use relative links.

Modal Pages can be defined very easily. The attribute page mode in the page attribute has to be set to modal and than automatically all links to that page will open this page as a modal page by using an iframe. At the moment it's not possible to run that page directly, but the apex team still works on that feature.

A new calendar will be added and the Interactive Report can use pivot out of the box.

APEX 5.0 will be released in 2014 and another Patchset for APEX 4 is in work and will be released before APEX 5.0.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

DOAG Konferenz & APEX Schulungstag am 22.11.2013

Nächste Woche findet wieder die jährlich stattfindende größte Konferenz in Deutschland zu Themen rund um Oracle Technologien statt. Wie immer beginnt die Konferenz am Dienstag und geht bis Donnerstag.
Am Freitag findet dann der Schulungstag statt, welcher verschiedene Themen der Konferenz nochmal aufgreift. Im Rahmen dieses Schulungstags wird von Niels de Bruijn und Mir das Thema "Dialoggestaltung mit APEX 4.2.2 für den Desktop sowie mobile Endgeräte richtig gemacht" angeboten.
Vor allem wer die ersten Schritte mit APEX macht sollte diese Schulung nicht verpassen. Während es vormittags hauptsächlich um die Komponenten Interactive Report, Formulare und allgemeine APEX Komponenten geht, werden nachmittags die Komponenten in der Entwicklung von APEX Anwendungen für mobile Endgeräte vorgestellt.
Weitere Informationen zum Schlungstag sind hier auf der DOAG-Seite zu finden.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nächstes APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Treffen am 28.01.2014

Das nächste Treffen findet am Di, den 28.01.14 um 17Uhr wieder in Ratingen statt.
Anmelden kann man sich bereits über die DOAG Seite hier.
Inhaltlich wurde beim letzten Mal angeregt auch einfache und allgemeine Themen in APEX Projekten aufzugreifen. APEX spezifische Themen wie Team Development und Websheets wurden auch geäußert.
Zuletzt kam beim letzten Treffen auch das Feature Request Board als ein interessanter Punkt fürs nächste Treffen zur Sprache.

Für alle die zu den oberen Themen Beiträge beisteuern wollen meldet Euch bei mir per mail, über Twitter oder in der XING-Gruppe.

Hoffe ansonsten vom 19-21.11.2013 in Nürnberg viele bei der DOAG Konferenz zu treffen.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rückblick auf das zweite APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Treffen

Auch das zweite Treffen war wieder ein voller Erfolg. Insgesamt waren wieder über 40 Teilnehmer bei der Veranstaltung und es gab folgende 3 Vorträge (Folien als PDF verlinkt):
Das nächste Treffen ist vorraussichtlich für Januar/Februar 2014 geplant, wird aber noch abgestimmt. Ich freue mich auf der DOAG Konferenz auf ein Wiedersehen.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

APEX 4.2.3 on

APEX 4.2.3 is coming in near future. has been updated to apex on 6th of september. Till now there is no change log.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Inhalt des zweiten APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Treffens am 04.09.2013

Am 04.09.2013 findet das zweite Treffen der UserGroup Düsseldorf in Ratingen statt. Das Treffen wird diesmal auch direkt als DOAG Regionaltreffen NRW auf den Seiten der DOAG präsentiert.
Es ist diesmal für 17-20Uhr angesetzt und mit folgendem Vorträgen geplant:
  • APEX 5.0 - Ein Ausblick auf kommende Features der nächsten APEX Version - Oliver Lemm (Twitter)
  • My Demo Application - die wohl populärste APEX Demo Anwendung - Denes Kubicek (Twitter)
  • jQuery Crashkurs - APEX Hidden Fields immer im Blick - Andreas Wismann (Twitter)
Das Treffen ist kostenfrei und es wird darum gebeten sich auf den Seiten der DOAG für den Termin anzumelden - Anmeldelink.
Zusätzlich existiert auch noch eine XING-Gruppe der APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf.

Die Adresse des Treffens ist wie beim ersten Treffen: Balcke-Dürr-Allee 9, 40882 Ratingen

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Review on the ODTUG KScope13 conference in New Orleans

This year I got the great opportunity to join the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in New Orleans. Joining the conference as one of the most important conferences for an oracle developer I was excited to meet all the people, which i mostly knew of blogs and news.

getting ready
For preparation to travel to America I had to request a passport for travelling beside the European borders. Further on you have to request a visa, even for a vacation the USA. Making a presentation about a project we developed for a German customer, we also had contact the customer approving our presentation.

the flight
Flying from Germany to America was a took overall nearly 20hours. Flying  7hours"back in time" was for me no big problem, but flying back after the conference was even more hard. A good advice for all who are travelling through different time zones is, to change your sleeping time some days before the journey starts. For me it was my first flight more which took more than 4hours, but it was even easier than the short flies. The air planes are bigger and the flight itself is not so hectic.
Really annoying for some people was, that they have lost their luggage. About 10% of all people who travelled over more than one airport lost it. It's always wise to put the really expensive things like laptop, photo camera and other possible stuff in the cabin luggage. As far as i know you can always take a laptop bag and another cabin luggage.
During the flight I met Dietmar Aust and it was really interesting to talk in our waiting time about his presentation and other interesting stuff.

the hotel
Arriving at the Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans it took another 30minutes to get to the Sheraton hotel in the middle of the city. Using the airport shuttle service for 20$ it was a little bit cheaper than the taxi. Arriving at the hotel my first impression was, how cold it is inside the buildings. After I got my room and put my luggage upstairs, I went to the hotel lobby met some more people out of the apex community. It's always a big advantage to travel to a conference before the first day, even when you could arrive in the morning. Talking about experiences and get in contact to other people, out of the community is a great experience and a big advantage for every one.
 A big advantage compared to some other conferences was, that the rooms for the attendees where in the same hotel as the conference itself. Further on the arrangement for the rooms during the conference was really good. The different areas or especially apex was concentrated to one area, so that the ways through the different rooms were really short. One disadvantage was, that the air conditioning was in some rooms really too cold. Till know i don't understand why a room is cooled down to 64F / 18Grad or even lower.
Swimming pool on the eights floor

the conference
For me the main topic in that conference was of course apex. But before the conference starts everyone got
During the first day (Sunday), all presentation where presented by the apex team or other oracle employees connected to the apex topic. The best presentation on this day, was Shakeeb's presentation talking about User Interfaces in apex.
Shakeeb presenting

Overall presentations of the oracle apex team were all interesting, but the content of apex 5.0 was scattered a little bit through 3-4 different presentations. Perhaps for next conferences i would enjoy it to get an overview of the new features in a presentation on the first day, divided by topics a reference through the other presentations which are also talking about related content.
Between the different session, there was a break of 15 or 30 minutes. This time is perfect to change the room and talk about the last presentation.
Another really good idea, was the combination of some presentation having the same topic. Related to the topic "Responsive Design" Martin D'Souza, Christian Rokitta, Mark Lancaster and  Dimitri Gielis, gave some great presentations and many interesting tools for developing really good looking applications for different devices.
Another really good presentation was from John Scott about "APEX: Version Control with Git". He managed it to present the features from Git with slides and while demoing Git on command line.
Beside the presentations there was the "open-mic-night", where everyone could present his apex application's. Thats always interesting to see in how many different ways apex is used and can look like.
During the conference there was also 2nd meeting of nearly all people who are part of the advisory board. It's really a great opportunity to get involved into some possible features, which could take place in future apex releases. So, keep on bringing new ideas for next releases at  Here is an overview of the people who joined this meeting and are part of the advisory board:
APEX Advisory Board Meeting

kscope "not technical"
Of course not all content is directly connected to the technical stuff. On this conference doc hendley was talking about his wine to water project. It's always impressive how people can change their life and can activate other people with their ideas.
The event on this conference was another great impression. We were collected by bus, which brought us to the hall's, where the wagon's for Mardi Gras were standing. It was directly beside the Mississippi, where a great firework took place. There were many different options, where you could drink something, hear good music or get something to eat.
Mardi Gras

As last it was a great pleasure to meet all the interesting people and see how much effort they are putting into organizing such an event. Further on every evening it was possible to get in contact with so many people only knowing from the blogs, articles and books. Especially thanks to the oracle apex team (Joel, Patrick, Shakeeb, Marc, Vlad, Jason, David), to the foex guys (Peter & Matt), to the enkitec guys (Christoph, Scott, Timothy, Jorge, Dan, Doug), to the odtug team (Martin, Monty), Steven, Patrick, Christian, the apex evangelists (Roel, Dimitri, John), Dietmar, Niels and everyone i missed at that point.
Lunch after the last conference day
after conference
After joining the conference we used one more day to travel through the city. Using the hop and ride bus, it was a good opportunity to get an overview of many different points of the city. Some interesting points we went were: 
Garden District
French Quarter
Bourban Street
Harrahs Casino
Ghost tour - Bourbon Hotel
And as last two of my favorites
Oysterbar - really good burgers :)
Cafe du Monde (thx Martin)

with delicious dessert :)
At last, if I mixed something up, please let me know I will correct it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nächstes APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Treffen am 04.09.2013

Das erste APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf Treffen verlief mit knapp 45 Teilnehmern sehr erfolgreich und stieß durchweg auf positive Resonanz. Auf den Seiten der DOAG wurde eine Zusammenfassung des Events veröffentlicht: APEX-Community krempelt Regio-Treffen NRW mit 20 minütigen Vorträgen und viel Interaktion um.

Hier zur ersten Veranstaltung die Folien:
Das nächste Treffen der APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf findet am 04.09.2013 (direkt nach den NRW Sommerferien) in Ratingen statt.
Bis anfang Juli werden dazu noch Inhalte gesammelt. Weitere Informationen zum Termin, sind wie schon beim letzten Mal, über die XING-Gruppe oder die DOAG-Seite zu finden.
Danke an dieser Stelle für die Unterstützung durch alle beteiligte und die positive Resonanz der Community.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inhalt des ersten Treffens der APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf

Am 06.05. (in 1,5 Wochen) findet das erste Treffen der APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf (AUGD) in Ratingen statt.
Folgende Themen stehen als ca. 20minütige Vorträge auf dem Programm:
  • APEX 4.2.1: was ist neu - Oliver Lemm
  • Komplexe Dialoge mittels FOEX realisieren - Niels des Bruijn
  • Ausgabe in Excel leicht gemacht mit dem Spreadsheet Publisher - Dietmar Aust
In der zweiten Stunde soll ein Austausch zwischen den Besuchern des Treffens möglich sein.

Es findet von 18-20Uhr auf der Balcke-Dürr-Allee 9 in 40882 Ratingen statt.
Innerhalb XING ist sowohl die Gruppe, als auch der Termin vorhanden:
Zusätzlich wird zu diesem Termin auch über die DOAG eingeladen, der Link zum Anmelden ist hier zu finden:
Danke an dieser Stelle an Stefan Kinnen für das Angebot den Termin auch über die DOAG public zu machen.

Eine von beiden Anmeldungen reicht vollkommen aus. Zur Vernetzung wäre es dennoch hilfreich über XING der Gruppe beizutreten.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The problem of strings with more than 4000 chars in different regions

When you create an object (item, process, validation, ...) in APEX with the application builder there are properties like messages, conditions and comments. These properties using a string with more than 4000 characters will encounter an error like that:

Even when you use an item Value like

 and the value of this item is longer than 4000 characters, it will result in runtime in this error:

In my case i had to print out a message for the user which could be longer than the 4000 characters.
One solution for my case was to use jQuery and Dynamic Actions to print out the content of an item.
I created the Dynamic Action on the Global Page (Page 0) with these attributes:
The JavaScript Code is:  $('.uMessageText').append($v('P0_TEST'));
Of course there are other ways like described in my oracle-forum thread, but i hope the next apex versions will solve these problems.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gründung der APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf

Um im Raum Düsseldorf allen APEX Interressierten eine Möglichkeit des Austausches zu geben habe ich die APEX UserGroup Düsseldorf ins Leben gerufen. Diese in XING organisierte Gruppe soll unabhängig der Firmenzugehörigkeit jeder Person eine Plattform zum Thema APEX bieten.
Das erste Treffen ist für den 06.05.2013 geplant. Innerhalb dieses Treffens sollen 2-3 Vorträge, im Zeitrahmen von 20Minuten vorgetragen werden. Jeder der einen Vortrag dazu beisteuern will, kann sich gerne an mich wenden.
Das Treffen findet in lockerer Atmosphäre statt und soll neben der Vorträgen den Austausch zwischen der Personen anregen. Bei Fragen zum Treffen oder zur Aufnahme in die XING-Gruppe bitte einfach an mich wenden.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oracle VirtualBox experiences

As an APEX developer it's always interesting to have a small environment on your laptop for demonstrations or tests.
Many people in our company used VMWare as a primary virtual system platform. In nower days oracle has it's own virtual technology named Oracle Virtual Box.
You can find the client tool for using a virtual system on The last version is from 28th. of february in the version 4.2.8 and has 96MB. When installed it needs about 132MB on your local storage took 10minutes to install. As usual the installation needs admin rights, because a virtual network adapter and some other stuff will be installed.

One big advantage of using virtual box instead of vmware is, that oracle has predifined some images with nearly all current versions of software. You can find the images on If your focus is developing apex applications the first image called "Database App Development VM" would be the right one. The download "Oracle_Developer_Day.ova" is 4.2GB huge and contains the Oracle Enterprise 11gR2 database with APEX 4.2. (even if there stands APEX 4.1 the APEX version in the image is "")

After you have installed the client and downloaded the image it has to be imported into the client. This importing process takes 15-30minutes and extracts 2 files with 12GB out of you 4.2GB download files. These files will be placed per default in "C:\Users\<user>\VirtualBox VMs\Oracle Developer Days". As far as i can see, there is no option where i can change this default extract destination. That could be a problem for people who have a small first partition, only for your os.
After the extraction it's possible to move the files into another directory. Close your client before and move the folder "\Oracle Developer Days" to another directory. After restarting the virtual box client you have to remove the old image and add the new folder. Now you choose the extracted "*.ovf"-file and after that you can use the image.

The two image files are not completly used in the image (7.5/12GB and 4/12GB).
This image uses apex listener 1.1.4 on port 8888 for APEX. So you can start developing apex under http://localhost:8888/apex. Log in under Workspace internal/ user: admin/ password: oracle and configure your own workspace.

If you are interested in using the last version of apex, this blogposting (Ronald van Dijk) can be interesting how to patch to apex 4.2.1.
Further on if you wanna configure your virtual machine, that you can call the apex url from other systems this blogposting (german description how to configure the network) might be interesting.

Overall it's an easy way to develope apex on a local system, even for people who havn't big knowledge with linux machines.
Keep in mind that installing virtual box beside vmware will cause problems with the different images and the network adopters. So deactivate the other network when using your virtual device.
And as always the command line is configured to american english, so for german developer it might be interesting to adjust that configuration.
As last note: The command "ifconfig" has to be called with /sbin/ifconfi

I hope you will enjoy developing on this machines and let me know if there are any more tricks or interesting points while using virtual box or apex :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Error when updating Static File Comment in APEX 4.2.1

Today i played around with updating static files in APEX. Using with version 4.2.1 i got an error when updating a static file comment. I simply uploaded a file and afterwards i tried to change the comment. The comment which was initially submitted was saved, but any change results in:
Error updating file.
ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: invalid LOB locator specified: ORA-22275 ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_LOB", line 884 ORA-06512: at "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_HTML_API_PRIVATE", line 144 ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error

APEX Expertenseminar in Berlin

Vom 09.04.-10.04.2013 findet in Berlin ein Expertenseminar mit Niels de Bruijn und Mir statt. Inhaltlich ist es für fortgeschrittene bzw. Profis im Bereich APEX Entwicklung. Es beschäftigt sich schwerpunktmäßig mit der aktuellen Version 4.2 und der mobilen Webentwicklung.
Neben den APEX eigenen Werkzeugen werden auch die Integration von Hudson, FOEX für komplexe Dialoge, sowie automatisierte QS-Unterstützung vorgestellt. Das Seminar besteht sowohl aus Workshopkomponenten als auch Vorträgen.
Alles weitere findet man auf den Seiten der DOAG "Berliner Expertenseminar: APEX für Experten mit Niels de Bruijn und Oliver Lemm".

Friday, February 1, 2013

APP_PAGE_ID=0 in OnDemandProcess

In APEX we have many Substitution Strings. One of these is :APP_PAGE_ID. Be careful with this String in an OnDemandProcess. I have called an OnDemandProcess by using JavaScript/AJAX and the result was, that :APP_PAGE_ID was always 0.
To solve this problem i have created an Application Item (AI_APP_PAGE_ID). This item will be filled every time a page is rendered in APEX.

Due some good tips the problem can be solved by calling the OnDemandProcess with the correct full syntax from JavaScript.
var ajaxCall = new htmldb_Get(null,$v('pFlowId'),'APPLICATION_PROCESS=IS_HANDLE_VALID', $v('pFlowStepId'));
With this call especially the last parameter $v('pFlowStepId') the pageId will be the actual ApexPageId where the Javascript is used.
Thanks to Peter and Roel for your tips.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Highlighting in full-text search works case sensitiv

If you search for something in APEX you can use in version 4.x or later the full-text search.
It's a great feature, but the the word is only highlighted, if you write it completly the same way, even if you don't check "case sensitive".

Keep in mind that the result always finds all the correct words and only misses the red highlighted string.
Result when searching for P1600_AEU_WHRG_KEY
Result when searching for P1600_aeu_whrg_key