Wednesday, January 29, 2014

some interesting features to vote for on

Yesterday  we had an APEX Meeting with nearly 50 people. My presentiation was focusing on the feature request board at In the presentation i mentioned some points which are very interesting and should be voted by more people. So here is a small list of features where everyone who is using APEX should take a look on
  • Readable APEX User - ADAM
    •  Often some new Developers or people who are not developing for an application should have an opportunity to look into the APEX code. It would be nice to have a setting to make them only readable. Also sometimes for customers or users on a productive environment it should be very helpful.
  • APEX Application lockable - ADVQ
    • It's not the same as the first point but points into a same direction. Having an Application which can't be changed for anyone it would be helpful to use a developement environment on a production and also have the possibility to have a look into different areas, without changing anything.
  • Page flow Diagramm in APEX - AF7O
    • Knowing how a page can be reached, or where can i go from a special page it would be really helpful to get a simple graph structure with a page flow diagram.
  • Read only Condition – read only type option - AA4A
    • Having not only a flat text for an input field when switching it to read only would be really great. Even that this option is closed for input it's an interesting point for me.
  • Source Control - AGUE
    • Often discussed feature but never the less interesting.
  • Reusable regions as a shared component - AA8T
    • Reuse a region on some pages without using the global page. Perhaps getting the possibility to define a global page per Page Group or for a set of pages would be great.
  • Defining named Dynamic Action for different reuse - AD1B
    • It would be really cool to define some Dynamic actions like named love and reuse them. Perhaps with some parameters or even without would be really cool.
  • Tabs using URL Targets => Tabs can be opened with right click - AD1A
    • Nothing to say? Even if they are not always the best choice it would be really good to have links which can be used with right-click in new tabs.
  • Buttonlabels based on application language - AG02
    • Developing in english language, but creating an application for a german (or none english) customer, it would be really helpful, to get the default names for messages or Button labels, based on the application language and not on the developer language setting. 

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  1. These are all EXCELLENT topics to be voted on, What I would like to see is the APEX committee that is supposed to be voting on these for Oracle t o process to add their results to the items in the list so we know what has been looked at and recommended to Oracle..