Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The problem of strings with more than 4000 chars in different regions

When you create an object (item, process, validation, ...) in APEX with the application builder there are properties like messages, conditions and comments. These properties using a string with more than 4000 characters will encounter an error like that:

Even when you use an item Value like

 and the value of this item is longer than 4000 characters, it will result in runtime in this error:

In my case i had to print out a message for the user which could be longer than the 4000 characters.
One solution for my case was to use jQuery and Dynamic Actions to print out the content of an item.
I created the Dynamic Action on the Global Page (Page 0) with these attributes:
The JavaScript Code is:  $('.uMessageText').append($v('P0_TEST'));
Of course there are other ways like described in my oracle-forum thread, but i hope the next apex versions will solve these problems.

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