Saturday, December 15, 2012

APEX 4.2.1 released

On the 14. of december the APEX version was released.
The Patchnotes are available under APEX 4.2.1 Patchnotes. The fixed bugs are listed up here. A short look over all fixed bugs sumerizes that the most fixes are belonging to the mobile theme and components of APEX.

These Know Iusses are still open bugs:
  • Developer Toolbar Not Available for Mobile Applications
  • Page Submit Actions Not Working for Some Longer Mobile Select Lists
  • Issues with Editing Items After Upgrade
  • Theme 25 Alert Region Does Not Support Multiple Page Items in the Same Row
Here are changes in the behaviour of APEX
  • Maximum Width for Textareas
    • Textarea can use less then maximum width
  • Enhanced Security for Report Links
    • JavaScript/jQuery can be mixed up with column name syntax
      javascript:alert( 'Delete #NAME#' );
  • jQuery Mobile
    • updated to 1.2.0
  • AnyChart 6
    • AnyChart 6.0.11 is included
  • Resizing of Charts on Mobile Page
    • Now its possible to resize charts in the mobile theme with jQueryMobile
Keep in mind if you update a 4.2 release you have to go to and download the patch number 14732511.

1 comment:

  1. Would you please help me solve the issue with the developer toolbar

    I have many applications under Oracle Apex 4.2.2 and navigating in each of them displays the developer toolbar normally

    ...except for one application, at first it appears then after switching tabs or merely refreshing the developer toolbar disappears.

    And yes, I did check that the Availability Status is set to Available with Edit Links.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated!