Monday, December 17, 2012

Advisor misses column mapping for Tabular Form

If you create a tabular form based on a view or table you have to take care that the column mapping have to be updated.
In a short test where i created a view on a table i changed the name of the view after creating the tabular form.I got an error "ORA-00942" that table or view were missing.
I went through all processes and changed the view name, but i missed one column. Checking the Page with the APEX Advisor the failure in my column mapping was not found.
The problem can be found with this query:

select c.application_id
from apex_application_page_rpt_cols c
left join user_tab_cols u on u.table_name = c.reference_table_name and
                             u.column_name = c.reference_column_name
where c.reference_table_name is not null and
      c.reference_column_name <> 'ROWID' and
      u.table_name is null

It would be nice to add this check to the advisor  @ APEX Team

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