Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Query the APEX Metadata - #1 - Identify Public Pages

As i introduced the my APEX QA Plugin, i was asked if i could help other people to get some special information out of the metadata of APEX. Especially in APEX, where every configuration is saved in the database, it's really easy to get some information of your application only by using one sql query. Because of that i will release every month one query to identify some interesting stuff.
Of course if there are any interesting properties which you would like to query, pleas let me know.

A first simple example is, to identfiy all the pages which can be reached without authentication:
select p.application_id
from apex_application_pages p
where p.page_requires_authentication = 'No'
The query returns all pages, of all applications in your workspace. If you run the query on a database schema all applications, conected to this schema will be referenced.
Needles to say, that there are always many columns in the APEX Views, but getting the name and some information like, who and when was the page was created and updated might be most useful.

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